At Preform Bikefit, a clinical approach is used to customize your bikefit to suit your individual needs.

From the start, its about the details.  

  • Goals / needs
  • Concerns
  • Current training load / time spent on the bike
  • Any experience of pain
  • Previous injuries
  • Current injuries
  • Cycling level – commuter, recreational, weekend warrior, competitive 
  • Type of cycling – Road, Track, MTB, Triathlon

Body symmetry and strength

You will have a physical assessment, where your joint ranges of motion, muscle strength and imbalances will be noted.

On the Bike

After a little warm up, we will observe your cycling style, position and pedal action. Measurements are taken of the angles at the hip, lumbar spine, knee, ankle and  shoulder joints. This gives details of your current bike set up.

In motion

Using video motion capture analysis software, images are taken of you while on the bike to assess pedaling technique, posture and positioning on the bike.  From the images, specific measurements can be taken throughout each phase of the pedal stroke.

Any changes in bike set up will be made and re-captured on video, to allow comparison before and after photos and video.

At this point, some prompts may be provided to you to help with motor pattern correction.  This is to help optimize your pedal stroke action.  Often we pedal and are not getting use of all our major muscles and with practice you can increase their involvement.  This reduces strain on overused muscles, and will provide an improvement in strength and efficiency.

Review and Recommendations 

All the details of the analysis will now be reviewed with you and suggestions for changes made to the bike set up.  If the changes are minor – seat for-aft position, raising seat height, bar height – all can be done in the consultation.  If you require equipment changes such as new head stem, bars, seat or crank length – these will be recommended and noted.  But will need to be organized and fitted by a bike mechanic, such as Leigh, at Leigh Egan’s cycles. Proform bikefit is not a bike store, and does not sell parts.


  • A detailed report will be created for your reference including:
  • Before and after comparison photos
  • Physical assessment report
  • Rehabilitation recommendations
  • Strength program
  • Referral when necessary – if physical alignment  asymmetries are identified it may be recommended that you receive manual therapy.


A DVD containing your video data and report can be provided upon request.  This may be useful for other treating practitioners.