How is this different from a bike shop set up, or bikefit done by Specialized or Retul?

A Proform bikefit takes into consideration your functional needs and applies them to make your bike fit you. This makes your bike set up as individualized as possible.

Its not just about numbers and angles, its about comfort and function, combined with optimal fit.

Will I get a “treatment” during my appointment?

No. Although Rhianon is an Osteopath. This appointment is solely for a bikefit assessment. Rhianon is available for osteopathic consultations and is happy to address your alignment issues. Appointments for manual therapy osteopathic services can be made via Keep Active Osteopathy, www.keepactiveosteopathy.com.au or by calling (03) 5832 7925.

You can also make appointments directly with Rhianon during your bikefit, if you would like.

What does it cost?

There are three options to choose from depending on your goals and what level of detail you would like to go into with the analysis.

Starter PROFORM BIKEFIT – $100 (approx 45 minutes)

Includes –

  • Static and dynamic assessment of bike set up
  • Minor changes and recommendations to bike set up
  • Recommended for those at entry level with no history of pain or discomfort on the bike. Especially riders that just want to check that there set up is “good enough”. This is not recommended for those experiencing pain or injury.

Standard PROFORM BIKEFIT – $150 (approx 90 minutes)

Involves –

  • Static and dynamic assessment of bike set up
  • Physcial assessment of strength on and off the bike
  • Photo analysis of angles in rooms with before and after comparisons
  • Changes and recommendations to bike set up
  • Recommended for the cyclist that is wanting to improve their comfort on the bike. Especially riders that are carrying niggling injuries or pain. The assessment will help identify the potential areas contributing to the symptoms and will to reduce further risk of injury with the changes to the bike set up.

Ultra PROFORM BIKEFIT – $250.00 (approx 2 hours)

Involves –

  • This service is as described on the website, all inclusive and very detailed. > please see BIKEFIT tab for full description
  • Includes detailed report with results of video analysis, riding style and pedal action analysis, physical assessment results and rehabilitation recommendation.
  • A DVD containing your video data and report available upon request at no additional cost. This may be useful for other treating practitioners or coaches.

All PROFORM Bikefit setups include a 15 minute follow up consultation for any tweaks to the bikefit, if required.

Rhianon is able to be contacted via email for any questions at any time following the consultation.


Why would I need a follow up appointment?

“Shouldn’t is be 100% after the first appointment ?”

Not necessarily. The human body is constantly adapting and changing and needs time to adapt to the changes we make to the bike set up.

For example:

Cyclist aim – to get a lower more aggressive position, to go faster.

Cyclist body may not cope with an extreme change in joint angles immediately. There may be strength issues that need correcting before the “optimal” position can be obtained.

A follow up after 4-6 weeks allows for natural adaptation and reinforcement of new motor patterns. During the follow up session, further changes can be made and strength re-tested.

What if I have issues after my Bikefit with pain or discomfort?

Rhianon is contactable via email post appointment until the follow up.

Advice can be given via email and if necessary, Rhianon can arrange to speak over the phone if the issue cannot be resolved via email.

A follow up session is included in the fee for the Ultra Proform Bikefit. Adjustments can be made if there are any issues with the fit of the bike at this time.

How do I make an appointment?

Contact: Rhianon Norton


0433 901 776

What do I need to bring?

  • Bike
  • Cycling shoes
  • Shorts / cycling knicks
  • Hand towel – for the warm up, and riding observation.
    • during both of the Proform bike fit assessments, observation will take place with you riding under different loads.  This is to ensure an accurate overal view of your cycling technique and position.